Stone Inlay Crafts, Marble Inlay Crafts, Stone Handicrafts, Marble Handicrafts

Stone Inlay Crafts, Marble Inlay Crafts, Stone

Handicrafts, Marble Handicrafts


Stone Inlay Crafts    –  

The craft of marble decorate is basically a conventional type of craftsmanship ,where the work starts via cautious arranging of outlines. After an outline has been picked, the “Ustad” sets the shading plan and tonality of the plan.
This is trailed via watchful choice of crude material (like different semiprecious stones and marble), which is hand picked by the accomplished ace skilled worker. Amid this procedure extraordinary accentuation is laid on picking different shades of stones to give the correct degree and shading to the themes.
Henceforth ,we convey to you the elite and dazzling scope of semi valuable stones,used to produce the decorate antiques. The choice of stones is extensively done according to the necessities of configuration design and to put an incentive to trim relics. Semi valuable stones have dependably been an extravagance status in insides inferable from their extraordinary and uncommon nature.The assortment of hues and examples found in a stone consider an expansive palette of conceivable outcomes. So,let your creative ability run wild!                          Stone Inlay Crafts, Marble Inlay Crafts, Stone Handicrafts, Marble Handicrafts
Following is a list of the Semiprecious Stones often used for inlay:
Paua Shell – Paua is an individual from the abalone family, local and special to the chilly ,blue waters of New Zealand coastline.
Lapis Lazuli – Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone of the kind that may have come straight out of the Arabian Nights :dark blue with brilliant incorporations of pyrites which gleam like little stars.
Malachite:   Malachite is a  mineral,the green basic carbonate of copper occurring in crystals.Also known as the ‘Peacock Stone’ ,it is translucent or opaque . The color varies from light to dark green,sometimes banded and sometimes sparkling.
TurquoiseTurquoise is a basic hydrous copper aluminum phosphate where blue comes from copper and green from iron .Probably one of the oldest gemstones known,it was worn by Pharaohs and Aztec kings. Thus, finest blue turquoise in the world is found in Persia and Egypt. Its shining sky blue is one of the most popular trend colors in the world of fashion and crafts.                                                                                                                                           Stone Inlay Crafts, Marble Inlay Crafts, Stone Handicrafts, Marble Handicrafts
CORALCoral is not a mined stone or mineral but an organic gemstone. The major deposits of coral are found in Japan and Italy. Its basic composition is calcium carbonate accompanied by around 3%  magnesium carbonate ,organic matter and traces of iron.
CornelianCarnelian or Cornelian,is a variety of silica mineral, chalcedony colored by impurities of iron oxide. Deposits have been found in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Brazil, Peru but most of the carnelian comes from India.The most favorable pieces are a deep orange to orange red hue like the Kornel cherry. It is a translucent stone with a vitreous,dull, greasy and silky lustre.
AMETHYSTAmethyst is a kind of quartz or colored rock crystals containing silica.The presence of manganese in quartz gives produces this characteristic purple color. Amethyst is mined in Brazil,  Uruguay,Bolivia,Argentina and some African countries.
JADEThis gemstone has been known to man for some 7000 years and is famous for its toughness.Eventually it came to be called as the ‘Stone Of Heaven’ and formed the bedrock of Chinese culture .It has a discreet yet rather greasy luster and comes in many fine nuances of green.It is made up of two metamorphic rocks consisting of different silicate materials nephrite and jadeite.
Tiger’s EyeLike all quartz ,it is made up primarily of silicon dioxide.It is a variety of chalcedony,with a yellow brown color ,transparent to translucent and a vitreous luster.It is found in Brazil,U.S, India,Canada and Burma.It is the inclusion of croicidolite (blue asbestos) that causes a cat’s eye effect known as chatoyancy.
OnyxOnyx was very popular with ancient Greeks and Romans.Thus the name comes from the Greek word onax, meaning fingernail.A rarely found stone,it is known for its extreme elegance and vividness.Onyx is translucent, with natural colors and a variety of patterns.The colors range from an eye soothing green to exotic honey.
AgateA fine-grained variegated chalcedony having its colors arranged in stripes, blended in clouds, or showing moss like forms.Agate is essentially Quartz.The name is derived from its occurrence at the Achates River in southwestern Sicily,Italy.
JasperJasper is an opaque and fine grained variety composed mostly of chalcedony, micro crystalline quartz, in association with other minerals, which gives it those colorful bands and patterns.A wide variety of jasper is found in the areas of the Unites States, California and Washington. It is usually yellow,brown or red in color ,rarely blue.

Marble Inlay Crafts

One of the most attractive work of art that comes from marble is“Marble Inlay Crafts” work. It is the same work that adorns the Taj Mahal and other Mughal monuments.
It is a closely protected traditional art and only a few expert exponents are available today. The delicate process involves cutting and engraving marble shapes manually. To start with, a predefined pattern e.g., floral design or geometrical design is engraved on the marble slab. Small pieces of marble of different shades are cut delicately to fit in these grooves precisely. These small pieces are then slipped in the grooves. Apart from marble, many other materials can also be used.

History of Inlay Art:                                                          Stone Inlay Crafts, Marble Inlay Crafts, Stone Handicrafts, Marble Handicrafts

Decorate deal with sensitive valuable stone started in the workshops of Florence in Italy around the finish of the sixteenth century. This was known as PIETRA DURA.(Pietra= Stone, Dura= Hard) The Italians had made a great creative shape and held a restraining infrastructure over it. From 1630 onwards pietra dura showed up on moveable, little questions as enlivening boards, with winged creature and blossom themes, appropriate for bureau fronts and table tops. Some of these soon came to the Mughals as presents.
Of all the Mughal Emperors, Shah Jahan was the best supporter of engineering in India. For him no measure of cash or time was excessively to make persisting, everlasting structural magnificence and through it be recalled dependably. It is in his structures that one feels most constrained to make the association between Mughal craftsmanship and pietradura. The Taj Mahal, the cenotaphs of the Emperor and his significant other, the fundamental floor and the encompassing marble railings bear close likenesses to the pietradura frame.

Marble Handicrafts

With the tremendous ability and learning, we are putting forth wonderfully created Marble Handicrafts. Keeping in mind the end goal to give vivacious appearance and enlivened look, the offered items are made by our talented experts utilizing high review marbles and most recent making procedures. Attributable to highlights, for example, vivacious appearance, dependable sparkle and remarkable example, the offered items can be in a perfect world put in different homes, workplaces and different spots. These painstaking work are cut out of predominant review Indian marble and complicatedly intended to give an excellent complete to the ancient rarities. Marble crafted works are completely cleaned to give a smooth and gleaming surface, which adds to the allure of these curios.
Marble Handicrafts are those crafts in which we were inlaid with the help of semi- precious stones on the marble item by the help of hand. This is the handmade crafts which was inlaid on the marble.

Stone Handicrafts

Supported with gigantic industry-encounter, we are occupied with offering a far reaching scope of Stone Handicraft . Offered things are precisely handled utilizing best grade crude material and most recent innovation, broadly utilized for improvement purposes at changed private and business places. Besides, our offered things are tried against various parameters under the heading of value inspectors to convey the flawless range at customers’ end.


Lovely plan

Prevalent quality

Eye-getting design

Standard Specifications:

We can likewise Stone crafted works in different sizes and determinations to satisfy singular client prerequisites.   Each stone is extraordinary in its character and properties and henceforth variety must be normal.    The given pictures are for reference just and the genuine Stone painstaking work may change in shading, tone, stamping and surface.


Stone Handicrafts are utilized as enhancing arranging stones and come in different tints and sizes and discover use in homes, counterfeit lakes, wellsprings, rich parlors, outside theaters, aquaria, parks, out houses, inside, outsides and greenery enclosures.   Stone crafted works are utilized at an extensive scale for different inside outlining purposes because of their flame resistant nature and low upkeep cost.


Measure: according to purchasers necessity, any size

Complete: Polished, Honed, Natural, Bush Hammered, Sandblasted Etc.   Many Finishes according to purchasers necessity

Sorts: Marble Handicrafts, Sandstone Handicrafts, Granite Handicrafts

Stone Handicrafts Applications: Exterior, Garden Area, Swimming Pool Area, Interior, Decoration Purpose

Completions: Natural, Honed, Polished, Chisel, Bush Hammer, Sandblasted, Mosaic, Lethstone and so forth. Numerous accessible completes according to client necessity.

Accessible Colors: White, Black, Gray, Brown, Green, Yellow, Beige, Red, and so on. Numerous accessible hues whatever client needs and according to accessible in material marble , stone, sandstone, slatestone, limestone, quartzite and so on. Or, on the other hand some other regular stones

Stone Handicrafts Products: Marble Inlay Tabletop, Marble Inlay Tiles and Borders, Semi Precious Stone Tiles, Stone Columns and Borders, Stone Railing And Balustrade,   Stone Screens and Jalis, Stone Wash Basin and Vases, Stone Decoratives, Garden Fountains, Sandblasting Stone

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